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Antler Up Outdoors Welcomes You


Welcome to Antler Up Outdoors! Here, we are more than a brand, podcast, idea or YouTube channel. It is a lifestyle to us. It is about helping others learn and fostering a love for the process of getting better as a hunter and individual. It is about spreading the love of the great outdoors and the obsession that archery can become. It is about how it humbles you when you don’t have the best day out in the field or on the 3D course. It is about giving back to others, all while being a part of a “brotherhood” so to speak!  Here, you will find the latest hunting and product updates, exclusive info and media, tactics, stories, and so much more. We’re based in Pennsylvania, but we are always looking to grow and expand our spheres of influence. Feel free to explore the site and join our fun and vibrant community!


Jeremy Dinsmore

Founder & CEO of Antler Up Outdoors

I am a husband, father, PE teacher, bowhunter and avid outdoorsman. I grew up in Northeastern, Pennsylvania where hunting was an activity I always did with my father. My family is now located in Central PA, where I hunt most often, but I always make it back home for a few hunts with my dad each year. I have a goal to head out west to hunt mule deer, elk and antelope in the near future. My commitment to teaching and love of nature has led me to creating Antler Up Outdoors where I hope to help others learn about the wilds of PA and the sport of bow hunting.

Jim D'Agostino


Team Member

Born into a hunting family. My first word was Deer. At the age of 5 I was already sitting with my dad, step dad and granddads on hunts. Around that time is when i first learned to shoot a bow and work on archery equipment. I still remember sitting on my dads work bench handing him tools and parts as he built and tuned bows and arrows or reloaded bullets for the upcoming seasons. Hunting and the outdoors has always been in my blood and despite taking a few years off for college I’ve hunted every year of my life. Now being a dad I wanted to take things to a new level in hopes that my son would learn from me as I had from those before me. I’ve since become a certified bow technician as a side hobby and I’m currently working on getting my instructors license. My passion for hunting burns deep within me and I hope to pass that flame onto the next generation so that the flame may never burn out.  Now being a part of the antler up crew gives me a platform to continue to pass on knowledge but also sharpen the blade of my skills that I’ve worked on all my life.  Sharing tips, tricks and stories with those who live for this sport as much as I do is beyond a blessing.  I’m looking forward to a long lifetime of hunting and archery adventures.  Let’s Antler Up!!!

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