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Total Archery Challenge Gear Loadout Antler Up Edition

Whether it’s your first time attending or your 4th time attending, the Total Archery Challenge is hands down the most fun 3D shoot you will ever experience. Yes that is a factual statement.

What is the Total Archery Challenge you ask? It’s the ultimate 3D archery experience. This event travels all across the country and draws thousands of archers and bowhunters from not just all over the country but other parts of the world as well. So there’s a strong chance you will make new connections during the event.

There are several courses to choose from offering all types of distances, shot angles and conditions to provide the shooter with the most realistic and fun shooting experience. But this is no ordinary hunting club archery shoot! You really need to be prepared. Not only will your archery skills be put to the test, but so will your body.

It will certainly benefit you to be physically prepared for this event but also extremely beneficial if you have the right gear. So here is a list of the gear our team will be running this year at the Seven Springs event in Pennsylvania.

Bow: All run America's Best Bowstrings Platinum Series

Jeremy and Dimitri – Prime Nexus 4

Mike – Elite Kure

Jeremy and Dimitri – HHA Tetra Max

Jeremy - B3 Hawk Swivel Dimitri – B3 Hawk Swivel

Bino Harness: Jeremy/Mike - FHF Gear Harness Pro Dimitri- Alaska Guide Creations Hybrid M.A.X.

Rangefinder: MikeLeupold RX-1600i Jeremy - Vortex Ranger 1800 Dimitri -Vortex Ranger 1800

Pack: Jeremy - Kifaru Urban Ruck or Styrker XL

Mike -

Boots: Jeremy - Crispi Thor II GTX Mike – Crispi Attiva Mid GTX Dimitri - UA Trail Boots Clothing and Rain Gear: Jeremy Dimitri & Mike – First Lite Some of our select options - Pants: First lite Corrugate Guide Pant

Hoody: Kiln Hoody

Other useful gear:

Water or Energy Drinks like MTN Ops Ignite Trail packs –

Water coolers available throughout each course to fill up.

From our previous experiences attending this event we hope these examples of the gear we use will help you better prepare for your experience at TAC. For more information on The Total Archery Challenge Click Here. Hope you enjoyed the read and we’ll see you on the mountain!

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