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SEVR 21" HD Target

When it comes to archery, whether you are a target, 3D, or olympic archer or you are a bowhunter, one thing is common and that is the target. Having a good target is an essential piece of equipment. I have gone through my fair share of targets and it is fair to say that not all targets are created equal. That is what led me to write this article about the brand new SEVR 21” HD Target.

For starters, just look at that target! What grabbed my attention right away was the sheer size of this target. At 4600+ cubic inches and an oversized 21”x17”x13” 4:3 aspect ratio face, you have the luxury of premium shootability. This target is the first of its kind in that it is foam poured. This amounts to a higher percentage shooting area, along with extreme durability. To be honest, my main concern when I have a target is durability but I know that with this particular target, I won’t have a problem. The target also has 6 shootable faces and one of the unique aspects of this target is the 1”inch grid face that can be used for sighting in your bow sight. To help, SEVR included 10 tee’s to mark your shots.

Since SEVR uses the premium high density urethane foam, this target can handle all vertical compound bows and crossbows. It doesn’t matter whether you use field tip points or broadheads with this target. When practicing shooting your bow, pulling your arrows from a target can sometimes be a chore. However, with the HD target, not only does it come with an arrow puller, but you also don’t even necessarily need to use it. My Easton Axis and FMJ’s pull out really easily and smoothly.

After shooting at this target for a few weeks, I am extremely impressed. Compared to other targets on the market, you are actually saving 40% based on price per cubic inch. It is built like no other target on the market. Therefore, considering the size, durability and unique features like stacking multiple targets together and the built in storage to hold your arrow puller, this target is a must have. Made in the U.S.A., SEVR is direct to consumers and you can order the target at

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