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Deer Hunting Safety Even for Avid Hunters

Deer season can be one of the most exciting times of the year. The deer are normally still in

rut and are typically less cautious. As hunters, we should all make sure it’s only the deer that are less cautious. Taking the proper precautions will not only make sure that you have fun, but also make sure you make it back to your loved ones safely.

All hunters should use gun safety, tree stand safety and apparel safety when going out on the hunt. Gun safety starts with preparation.

  • Take time off season to keep acquainted with your firearm. Find either a shooting range or another place to practice to make sure you keep up with your shooting skills and functionality of your gun.

  • Be familiar with how to carry, load/unload, and the discharge associated with the firearm. When loading your gun, make sure that you are away from others and have your gun pointed away from others.

  • Also, make sure that you unload your gun before transporting it either in a car or on foot over long distances.

Tree stand safety has become a focal point for hunter safety. Firearm accidents are no longer the number one cause of injuries among hunters. Falls from elevated hunting platforms are now the top reason for hunting injuries.

  • Make sure that others in your group know where you and your stand are before the hunt.

  • Check your tree stand for old or rotting straps.

  • Always make sure to use a full body harness.

  • Be rested! Make sure that you aren’t falling asleep while 20 feet in the air with a rifle or bow.

Lastly, make sure you have the right gear for your trip. Nothing is worse than being

Weatherby .257 First Lite Fusion
Weatherby .257 First Lite Fusion

unprepared for your trip. Not only is it uncomfortable, it is also unsafe.

  • Blaze orange for rifle season is a necessity. Take the proper precautions so you are visible to those around you. The visible portion of your outer clothing above your waist must be blaze orange – camouflage patterns must be at least 50% blaze orange.

  • Staying warm in the right gear. Being safe is also about being comfortable. Make sure that you are properly layered from head to toe for an enjoyable time in the stand.

If you are looking for more tips and words of advice from the experts, please be sure to look up the guys from Antler Up Outdoors. They run a pretty great podcast chalked full of all things related to the outdoors and hunting. If you are looking for the right gear for your next hunt, be sure to check out Big Sky Rental for all your equipment needs.

Written by Bob Dudzinski obo Big Sky Rentals

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